ArtAngels Africa

Welcome to ArtAngels Africa, an auction initiative curated by Rhino africa where leading South African artists donate their artworks, alongside iconic African travel itineraries, for the benefit of learners in rural South Africa. 2017 saw ArtAngels expand to a global audience by holding its first-ever international event. The auction was held in London and saw ₤250,000 (R4.3 million) raised for ArtAngels’ beneficiaries. Watch this space for our 2022 event.

Tourism is one of the fastest-growing sectors on the globe and Rhino Africa believes that we have a leading role to play in bringing about positive change on the continent through a partnership with various centres of African excellence. Rhino Africa’s path is lit by the belief that we have an integral role to play in ensuring the success of this vision. Funds raised from ArtAngels Africa benefit our education-focused centres of African excellence, the true guardians of Africa.

Guardians of Africa

Our centres of African excellence, the Good Work Foundation, Click Foundation, and Wildlife ACT, are pioneering a new path in the field of education by harnessing both the power of technology and the ingenuity of our youth. They are our guardians of Africa who, on the ground, are making a tangible difference on the continent and allowing us to achieve our vision of leaving a legacy in Africa.

Meet Our Contributing Artists

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